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Institute of Physics
University of Zielona Gora

Prof. Szafrana 4a
65-516 Zielona Góra
phone: +48 (068) 328-2919
e-mail: sekretariat@if.uz.zgora.pl



The FNMA'22 conference will be held in Zielona Góra on September 26-28.
It is a cyclical conference organized annually by various academic centers. This year the conference is hosted by the University of Zielona Góra. All information on the research topics of the conference and the history of previous meetings can be found on the website of Gdańsk University of Technology at http://fnma.gda.pl/

The aim of the Conference is to provide an opportunity for a meeting of scientists and technologists working on novel functional and nanostructured materials. This year, the meeting will be extended to the mechanical aspects of materials, metamaterials and nanomaterials.

In 2022, the conference is partially supported by the project of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science carried out at the University of Zielona Góra: No. 003/RID/2028/19 under the program “Regional Initiative of Excellence” in 2019–2023, funding amount PLN 11 936 596.10. (cf. http://nauka.uz.zgora.pl/excellence-centre/laboratorium-inzynierii-badan-materialowych/)

We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 12th Workshop on Current Problems in Physics 2022 (WCPP'22), which will be held on October 24-27, 2018, in Zielona Góra, Poland (http://www.if.uz.zgora.pl/~wcpp/wcpp22)

Perspektywy Education Foundation has announced the results of the Perspektywy University Ranking 2020, where academic universities and fields of studies were evaluated. Our physics is 5th among the 18th departments offering degrees at BSc, MSc and PhD levels in Poland.

It is worth adding that our physics ranked at the 8th spot in 2017, 7th one in 2018 and 3rd one in 2019, which proves its stable and high position.

Perspektywy University Ranking 2020

logo19 0We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 12th Workshop on Current Problems in Physics 2019 (WCPP'19), which will be held on October 14-17, 2018, in Zielona Góra, Poland (http://www.if.uz.zgora.pl/~wcpp/wcpp19)

mnisw enThe aim of the contest of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the Regional Excellence Initiative program was to support particular groups of sciences in twelve regions of Poland. The selection of groups made by the Ministry was based on the so-called regional smart specializations, i.e. areas of the economy and science that have been identified as priorities for the development of a given region. In our region, within the group of exact sciences and engineering, the project called “Laboratory for Materials Research Engineering”, resulting from the cooperation between the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, will receive in the years 2019-22 a subsidy of approximately 12 000 000 PLN (including 8 500 000 PLN for the most modern research equipment). Dr hab. Mirosław R. Dudek (Faculty of Physics and Astronomy) is the project manager whereas the person responsible in the project from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is dr hab. inż. Piotr Kuryło.

The project assumes the creation of “Laboratory for Materials Research Engineering” in the structure of the University of Zielona Góra, where research will be carried out in the field of nanotechnology, effect of vacuum and radiation on the properties of materials, methods of coating materials, properties of materials and metamaterials (including strength properties) and research by optical methods of meta, micro and nanomechanical systems. The project is to be used to increase the research potential of current research groups, to further develop international cooperation in the field of science, to develop methods of increasing innovation and greater effectiveness in obtaining funds for research. It is also intended to prepare young research staff to work in interdisciplinary teams.


We are pleased to inform that the collection of short interviews with polish scientists has just been published. All conversations were led by well-known writer and publicist Marek Oramus and the entire collection entitled On Heaven and Earth was published by the publishing house Fronda. Each of the 27 chapters introduces exciting topics of contemporary science through conversation with some of the polish leading researchers. As Marek Oramus says: the idea of these interviews was to show what the world is like. Most interviews appeared over the years 2009-2016, mainly in “Wiedza i Życie”, and also in “Plus Minus” (the weekend edition of “Rzeczpospolita”) and Fantastyka.
For obvious reasons, we suggest the interview No. 6 (in the part “On the Earth”) entitled "Huge Construction Site" that is partially available on the "Wiedza i Życie" magazine page.
Interview with Marek Oramus