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Our colleague in the Board of the Optics Section PPS

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I am very pleased to announce that our colleague prof. dr hab. Wiesław Leoński was elected to the Board of the Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society for 2018-2021. The aim of the Section is to develop mutual contacts, expand cooperation with members of other optical, optoelectronic and photonic organizations and enterprises operating on the Polish and European market, as well as to represent the Polish optical community in Poland and abroad. The Optics Section PPS is affiliated Society with the European Optical Society.


Professor Wiesław Leoński awarded the title of Distinguished Referee

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Every year, all section editors of The European Physical Journal (EPJ) published by the Springer Verlag choose particularly outstanding persons from all current reviewers to express the appreciation for their personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work.
EPJ arose in 1998 as a merger and continuation of Acta Physica Hungarica, Anales de Física, Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, Il Nuovo Cimento, Journal de Physique, Portugaliae Physica and Zeitschrift für Physik. Currently, it belongs to a group of leading european physical journals indexed in the most important databases, such as Web of Science, Scopus and others. Moreover, there are 25 European national physical associations represented in the EPJ's Scientific Committee.


Workshop on Current Problems in Physics: Zielona Góra - Lviv

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Workshop on Current Problems in Physics: Zielona Góra - Lviv (19 - 22 October 2015, Zielona Góra) (


Department of Physics and Astronomy – new ranking of academic units

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In a subsequent parametric evaluation of research units in Poland carried out by the Evaluation Research Unit in 2013, the Department of Physics and Astronomy in University of Zielona Gora received scientific category A and is in eighth place in Poland in the ranking of departments of physics or physics and astronomy.


Workshop WCPP 2013

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The Workshop on Current Problems in Physics 2013 (WCPP'13)( is already the sixth in a series of meetings which represent annual forum for the Polish and Ukrainian physicists community to present their latest scientific results.


„WSZECHNICA 106” was launched!

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On 29th October "Wszechnica 106" started its activities at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. During the academic year, on the third Monday of the month, we will invite young people of secondary schools and all those willing to popularize science lectures. The inaugural lecture entitled "From Schrödinger cat through the quantum minesweeper to the Nobel Prize," was given by dr hab. Wiesław Leoński, prof. UZ.
Welcome to the next meeting on 19th November.


XVII Minisymposium on Statistical Physics

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Institute of Physics is a co-organizer of XVIIth Minisymposium on Statistical Physics, which this year's edition will take place at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS in Wrocław (11.06.2012).