Meeting with Physics

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Meeting with Physics (lec. room 106, bldg. A29, ul. Prof. Z. Szafrana 4a)
- Welcome address 10:00
- Physical demonstrations 10:05- 11:15
- University presentation 11:30-11:45
- "How much is science in science-fiction movies?" - lecture 11:45-12:15
- "Do you have to be afraid of apocalyptic asteroid impact and other cosmic disasters?" - lecture 12:15-12:45


Studies with Erasmus Programme in academic year 2012/2013

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In the next academic year 2012/2013, seven students from the Institute of Physics representing all three grades of learning will go to other European Union universities under the Erasmus student exchange programme.


Gravity weapon

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Gravity is a universal force, with which all objects with mass interact. However, in everyday life we don’t see the train engines ripping out suitcases from the hands of travelers passing by or the shoes jumping on our feet as soon as we approach them. Why?


Science festival 3-4 June 2012 at the Institute of Physics

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As every year, you are warmly invited to science festival which takes place on a Zielona Góra promenade, traditionally on Sunday, and at the Institute of Physics on Monday.


Researchers of Department of Physics and Astronomy in National Science Centre grant

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Two researches from the Department of Physics and Astronomy: professor Andrzej J. Maciejewski from Institute of Astronomy and professor Maria Przybylska from Institute of Physics participate in the project entitled „Solvability, chaos and control in quantum systems". This project is headed by Professor Marek Kuś from Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The duration of the project is three years.


Our Erasmus students 2010/2011...

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Sara Gutiérrez López and Sara Benitez Berrocal from Spain studied at our faculty in 2010/11 academic year. Apart from regular courses in Physics and Astronomy they undertake one more activity... they went to one of kindergarten to make children curious about Physics.


Faculty of Physics and Astronomy participates in Erasmus Program.

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Institute of Physics offers the following educational possibilities:
•First-cycle Physics Studies including basic courses in Geometrical Methods in Physics, Foundations of Physics, Physics Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Classical and Relativistic Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics Foundations, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Mathematical Methods in Physics. Moreover, the students have a possibility to participate in specialized courses belonging to the fields as: Environmental Physics and Computer Physics.

Physics in primary school? Why not.

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Institute of Physics organized a workshop in physics for schoolgirls and schoolboys from Primary School in Podmokle Male, April 2nd , 2012.
The first part of the workshop was devoted to “physical toys” and guided by dr Sylwia Kondej and mgr Małgorzata Zubaszewska. A lemon battery, acrobat balancing on a line, heating a water balloon... these are only examples of our experiments which at the first look contradict the physical laws but, in fact, confirm them.