Studies with Erasmus Programme in academic year 2012/2013

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In the next academic year 2012/2013, seven students from the Institute of Physics representing all three grades of learning will go to other European Union universities under the Erasmus student exchange programme.

Two students which are after the first and second year teaching, respectively, already leaved to University of Malta for the three-month practice on 30th June. They remain in Malta until February 2013, where they will study under the direction of physics. Two students of the second level of learning will leave for three-month practice in Spain at the University of Extremadura. In addition, a PhD student (the third degree of learning) will leave on the three-month practice at the University of Athens on September. Two students from Spain applied for studies in the academic year 2012/2013 in our Institute of Physics. A PhD student from the University of Malta stays on the practices in Institute of Physics from 30 June to 1 October 2012.
The Erasmus Programme has become increasingly popular among students in Europe. With it, students can choose almost any European country to study in. This gives the possibility of comparing the conditions of study at different universities and sometimes a dream comes true for the knowledge of another country. For graduate students it gives additional opportunities to enrich the research workshop. In the Institute of Physics, the classes involving foreign students are held in English. Note that the programme of study in physics at grade I and II is provided in English and Polish. Polish students may also choose English. PhD studies (grade III studies) in Institute of Physics are held in English only.