Science festival 3-4 June 2012 at the Institute of Physics

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As every year, you are warmly invited to science festival which takes place on a Zielona Góra promenade, traditionally on Sunday, and at the Institute of Physics on Monday.

On Sunday, professor Jarosław Piskorski will give a lecture Predicting the future that is, as mathematicians killed cod (Museum of the Lubuskie Land, Room Stained glass, h. 13:30), on the promenade, you can look at the physical kindergarten (dr Sylwia Kondej and Małgorzata Zubaszewska – PhD). Passing by the kindergarten you can take part in a physical contest, organized by Dr. Stefan Jerzyniak and students. Nearby, in the basement of the Lubuskie Wine Museum Msc. Sebastian M. Kruk, along with Henryk Adamek, they will lead us into the secrets of modern light sources (lasers, holograms, etc.). Students from the Scientific Society PIN as well as PhD students of the Institute of Physics will be playing with exotic fluids and magnetic fields. Mgr Bartlomiej Zapotoczny - PhD student - will experiment with magnetic levitation in magnetic liquid and he will present a magnetic hedgehog (see video advertising done by him and placed on YouTube: Ferrofluid by Zapotoczny (days of science Poland 2012).
On Monday, at the Institute of Physics (June 4, Building A-29 st. Szafrana 4a) there are planned lectures and experiments. Lectures start at 10:00. Prof. Cao Long Van - LIDAR - another application of the laser (Hall A2, 10:00-11:00), and prof. Andrzej Drzewiński together with prof. Ziemowit Kosiński (ornithologist) invite you to a lecture Birds Flying school (Hall A2, h. 11:00-12:15). By 12:15 -13:15, Dr. Piotr Jachimowicz invites you to a lecture on Nuclear Physics Puzzles. Also our collegues from the Institute of Astronomy invite you both on Sunday and Monday to join their rich festival program.

(on photo: Magnetic liquid based on Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles in an external magnetic field)