Gravity weapon

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Gravity is a universal force, with which all objects with mass interact. However, in everyday life we don’t see the train engines ripping out suitcases from the hands of travelers passing by or the shoes jumping on our feet as soon as we approach them. Why?

Well, because gravity is a very weak force and an object must have really significant mass to noticeably attract other objects. In our immediate environment there is only one such object – the Earth, without whose gravity our existence would be significantly more complicated. As much as the gravity the effects of gravity are ignored in everyday life (attraction between people has a completely different basis), on a cosmic scale they are fundamental, for example influencing the evolution of stars or formation of galaxies. In our universe there is only one additional force with similar (the physicist would say long
range) characteristics: the electromagnetic force, with which we are controlling quite well. Besides experiments with static electricity involving rubbing plastic comb attractingsmall pieces of paper, we can control and generate electricity, send radio frequency signals, store and process monstrous amounts of information and even build weapon grade lasers. Can we control gravity in a similar fashion?

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