Fourth Integrability Symposium

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W dniach 30-31 maja br. odbędzie się organizowana wspólnie przez Instytut Fizyki i Instytut Astronomii międzynarodowa konferencja Fourth Integrability Symposium

Program konferencji:

Monday, May 30, 2011
Morning session
9.00–9.45 M. Blaszak (Poznan): Interacting solitons
9.45–10.30 Z. Popowicz (Wroclaw): Scalar Lax pair for generalized Riemann equation
10.30–11.00 Z. Domanski (Poznan): Unitary coordinate transformations in quantum me-
Coffe Break
11.15–12.00 A. Sergyeyev (Opava): Recursion operators for dispersionless systems in
multidimensions: the Manakov–Santini system and beyond
12.00–12.30 A. Dobrogowska (Bialystok): Integrable systems related to Euclidean and
Poincare groups
12.30–13.00 Maciej Nieszporski (Warszawa): On some equations compatible around the
13.00–14.00 Lunch

Afternoon session
14.00–14.45 A. V. Yurov (Kaliningrad): On the Cardy-Verlinde formula
14.45–15.15 B. Szablikowski (Poznan): Some method for the construction of Frobenius
type manifolds related with the Lax representations of hydrodynamic systems
Coffee break
15.30–16.00 A. A. Yurova (Kaliningrad): Some results on (1+2) nonlinear integrable equa-
16.00–16.30 G. Kwiatkowski (Gdansk): Riemann Zeta function in Feynmann integral the-
ory and quasiclassical quantization of solitons
16.30–17.00 V. A. Yurov (Kaliningrad): Generalized Evans function and the continuous
17.00–17.30 D. Kargapolov (Kaliningrad): An integrable case of the Schrodinger matrix
equation for multilevel quantum systems

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Morning session
9.00–9.45 K. Marciniak (Linkoping): Stackel separable systems and soliton equations
9.45–10.15 J. Cieslinski (Bialystok): Pseudospherical surfaces, Darboux-Backlund trans-
formations and the sine-Gordon equation on time scales
10.15–10.45 M. Marvan (Opava): Minimal set of compatibility conditions and diffieties
Coffee break

Pay attention that this session is held exceptionally in lecture hall 301
11.00–11.45 A. Prykarpatsky (Krakow): A vertex operator solution to a Riemann type
hydrodynamical hierarchy
11.45–12.15 P. Didkowskij (Kaliningrad): About explicit solutions of finite Toda lattice
12.15–13.00 T. Combot (Paris): Non integrability with non zero angular momentum. Ap-
plication to the n body problem
13.00–14.00 Lunch

Afternoon session
14.00–14.30 A. Maciejewski (Zielona Gora): Higher order variational equations and inte-
14.30–15.00 M. Przybylska (Zielona Gora): Differential Galois integrability obstructions
for non-homogeneous potentials
Coffee break